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'From Dan to Beersheba' - the traditional definition of the Land of Israel


Mesopotamia at the time of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

 Western Asia
Canaan/Israel's crucial position between the two great ancient empires of Egypt and Mesopotamia


Possible route taken by Abraham and Sarah when they journed to Canaan

The probably route taken by Abraham and Sarah in their journey to Canaan 


Map showing the areas given by Joshua to the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Map showing the areas which the Bible says were allocated to the Twelve Tribes of Israel


Map showing location of battles between the Hebrews and the Philistines

 Location of main battles fought between the Hebrew tribes and the Philistines who already occupied the land


From Dan to Beersheba -Israel at the time of the United Monarchy 

The pink area shows territory under the control of David and/or Solomon during the period of the United Monarchy.
The dark area around Jerusalem is Judea which was either a Jewish kingdomor a Jewish province
within a larger empire, from the days of King David to 70AD


Map showing the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

 The Divided Kingdoms of Judah and Israel


The Fertile Crescent 900-550BC

900-550BC - The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel lay in the strip of territory between two powerful empires


 Palestine at the time of Christ

The territories of the Roman province of Judaea/Palestine as they were at about the time of the birth of Christ


Map of Palestine in New Testament times

Palestine in the time of Jesus Christ


Galilee, Samaria, Judea and surrounding provinces at the time of Jesus Christ

The land that Jesus travelled through 





 19th century map of ancient Jerusalem

19th century map of ancient Jerusalem


 The fortress of Jebus, with the threshing floor to its north. Jebus became Jerusalem

The fortress of Jebus (bottom right) captured by David.
The town and threshing floor (on which the Temple would later be built) are in the upper enclosed area
For more information, see JERUSALEM: CITY OF DAVID


Jerusalem at the time of Hezekiah

Jerusalem in the period of the Divided Kingdoms of Judah and Israel - the reigns of Solomon to Hezekiah



Layout of the city as it was in Nehemiah's time - 5th century BC.
The population had been so depleted by conquest and exile that it could now fit into the limits of King David's city 


Jerusalem at the time of Jesus

Map of the city of Jerusalem in the time of King Herod and the New Testament events 





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